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Southern Sass Designs Earrings Summer Launch!

Southern Sass Designs Leather EarringsAs many of you know, earlier this year I finally got around to demonstrating that this math major/sales analyst-turned-boutique owner actually has a crafty side! It is very, VERY tiny - maybe even infinitesimal, ha! - but it has presented itself  in the form of making leather earrings and so, Southern Sass Designs was born!

Ever since becoming addicted to a popular site's simple, lightweight earrings a couple of years ago, I started looking for more unique designs. Upon closer inspection, I realized that I just might be able to make my own line of genuine leather earrings to offer in the Southern Sass Boutique! At the same time, I wanted to do something to set my earrings apart from the rest. Obviously, that included sourcing fun, unique leather pieces, but the biggest difference I wanted to make is actually in the style of the earring post... 

Southern Sass Designs Leather EarringsEvery single pair of leather earrings I have come across so far has been made with French wires. This means you absolutely must use those little rubber backings or else those lightweight beauties will easily pop right out of your ear - no good!! One of my friends once lost one of her earrings when she forgot to wear that little backing. I've taken that out of the equation by making every single pair of earrings with lever back closures! Super comfortable to wear, the lever back also has the advantage of staying on your ear without worrying about a separate backing! I offer a variety of nickel-free metal finishes that are selected based on each earring design's unique color composition. Every pair of Southern Sass Designs earrings is handmade with either two or three layers of leather in complimentary prints and colors.

Tonight I am excited to bring you the third wave of Southern Sass Designs earrings, which I am now officially calling my Summer Launch... Just wait until you see these new leather designs and colors! Be sure to join us LIVE in our Facebook community at 9PM EDT, when I will also be debuting my new "petal" design, shown on my ears in the pictures above. Following the live event, all remaining inventory will be posted to the site. Be sure to share pictures of your earrings on social media using #SouthernSassDesigns!

XOXO, Melissa

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